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The conference attendees for EITC are Big Ten Academic Alliance universities with Engineering IT professionals representing the 14 Big Ten schools.  The conference is an opportunity to share ideas about daily operations and initiatives of engineering departments and colleges.  This year the conference is being held at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign campus.

Champaign and Urbana are nested in central Illinois and the launching point to many tech start-ups and entrepreneurship opportunities.

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IT: Becoming a vital partner in teaching, learning, and research.

  1. How to accommodate increasing student enrollments with decreasing resources?
  2. What kinds of innovation are taking place in the instructional space?
  3. How to address increasing needs for data collection, analysis, and management?
  4. How to provide training and support on computational tools for researchers and students?
  5. What is your institution doing for cloud integration for infrastructure, research, and instruction?
  6. Engineering IT from different perspectives.

The Conference for Big Ten Universities
Engineering IT Professionals